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Social Sustainability

  • Organisation cultural maturity assessment & development
  •  Training & development
    • Developing collaborative cultures & behaviours
    • Executive coaching & Mentoring
    • BIM awareness and skills training
    • Bidding, Masterclass, Workshops
  • Recruit, Retain, Flourish
    • Recruiting the right people culturally
    • Retaining and developing peole
    • Careers planning and transition
  • High performance team development
    • Board & senior management teams
    • Bid & Joint ventures
    • Delivery teams including client & supply chain
  •  Behavioural assessments
    • Client side design and delivery
    • Supplier side team preparation

Enhancing social sustainability is the key to business improvement and ultimately business success – it’s all about people.

We help clients achieve success through carefully designed interventions; working with you to agree your business objectives and deliver improvements geared to achieving them, such as: cultural maturity assessment & development, high performance teams, bringing (and keeping!) JV teams together culturally, behavioural assessments (client side design & contractor side preparation), recruitment, retention & succession strategies, leadership and personal training & development.