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Business Systems Design & Delivery

  • Design
    • Strategic business systems design
      • Information system design
        • Infrastructure
        • Back office
        • Construction and production systems
        • Collaboration and information sharing
        • BIM systems integration
        • Security
  • Delivery
    • Business process mapping
    • Data requirements analysis
    • Implementation delivery of strategy & system design
    • Project management
    • Supplier selection and management
    • Configuration and delivery
    • Commissioning and hand over
    • Training
    • Data preparation
    • Ongoing support

Business systems design is integral to short/medium term cost savings and long term sustainability of companies.

Drawing on our long track record gained in global contracting and design/engineering businesses; we assist in the strategic design of systems and provide full information system design incorporating: infrastructure, back office, construction and production systems, collaboration and information sharing, BIM systems integration and security.

As part of this process we carry out detailed business process mapping and data requirements analysis to design the systems to meet your specific needs and those of your clients.

We then work with you to implement the new systems, including project management, supplier selection and management, configuration and delivery, commissioning and handover, user training, data preparation and ongoing support.

Having experts on hand to help navigate teams through complex and demanding delivery programmes is highly valued by our clients.