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Information Management & BIM Levels 2, 3 & 4

  • Management of design information (BS7000 Part 4)
  • Management of construction information (PAS1192 Part 2)
  • Management of operational phase information
  • Strategic planning for BIM
  • Implementing BIM
  • Data analytics for :
    • Environment
      • Acoustics
      • LEED
      • BREEAM
      • Sunlight
      • Energy management
    • People movement
    • Structures
    • Safety

All organisations can reduce costs and risk through better information management.

Our expertise crosses the spectrum of design information (BS7000 Part 4), construction information (PAS1192 Part 2) and operational information.

We are specialists in data analytics for: environment – acoustics, LEED, BREEAM, sunlight, energy management; people movement; structures and safety.
Our Chairman Mark Bew MBE, led UK Government’s strategic planning and implementation for BIM Level 2 and the recent development of the Level 3 strategy, designed to deliver better business outcomes.

Delivering projects against those objectives, while developing Level 4 strategies to leverage improved social outcomes is our focus. Asset owners, designers, constructors and operators can all benefit from our input; contact us to find out more.